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Having been a member of several gyms in the past, I always get bored, feel self consciousLive Life Light
and lose motivation. Jayne’s been going to Live Life Light for nearly two years. It’s such a welcoming, inclusive place. The staff really want to get results, and the other members are so friendly. Their social media channels are buzzing non-stop with videos, challenges and supportive comments from the whole community. I swear I’m not being paid by them, I’m just really impressed with the whole ‘Gym family’ experience!


Some of the books concerning LCHF diets                                                eat fat

Eat Fat, Get Thin is written by Dr Mark Hyman. In it, he discusses why he believes we have been given bad advice about low fat diets since the 1980’s, and how fat is not the enemy, but sugar is. He backs this up with compelling evidence too. It’s a difficult read, as it turns everything we’ve been told since childhood on its head.

As a Type 1 diabetic who was told to eat 210g of carbohydrates every day, all I can say is that when I started eating in line with the ideas in this book, my blood sugars came within range almost immediately, I no longer have to inject anywhere near as much insulin, and the pounds are falling off me. I’ve got rid of my ‘brain fog’ and I have much more energy. It may not work for everyone, but open your mind for a few minutes and watch Dr Hyman talk about it here

The Big Fat Surprise. Nina Teicholz is an experienced journalist who spent eight years investigating the evidence for and against low-fat diets. The big fat surpriseIt’s another voice questioning everything we think we know about eating healthily.



The Pioppi Diet 

pioppi World-leading obesity expert and anti-sugar campaigner Dr Aseem Malhotra made a documentary with filmmaker Donal O’Neill called The Big Fat Fix  Men’s Health called it “the final word in the fight against dietary misinformation”. Malhotra has published everything about his research in this compelling book, which was responsible for the highly publicised weight-loss (and reversal of Type 2 diabetes) of Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party, Tom Watson. Described as an ‘inspiration’ by Jamie Oliver, Malhotra writes regularly in medical journals, as well as national newspapers such as the Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mail.



Manchester Half Marathon 2019



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